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    Nuclear winter. The chapters seek to offer the beginnings of a roadmap to a world in which nuclear weapons will no longer be the currency of power, but instead a historical memory. A group of experts and policy-makers from all three geographic areas were recruited to meet periodically over the past decade to assess issues of transformational significance and to explore the potential for trilateral cooperation.

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    America’s nuclear-weapons policy isn’t what you think—it’s much worse

    Read preview. Synopsis Getting to Zero takes on the much-debated goal of nuclear zero- exploring the serious policy questions raised by nuclear disarmament and suggesting practical steps for the nuclear weapon states to take to achieve it. It documents the successes and failures of six decades of attempts to control nuclear weapons proliferation and, within this context, asks the urgent questions that world leaders, politicians, NGOs, and scholars must address in the years ahead.

    Excerpt If one decided to get rid of all nuclear weapons in the world, the first question would be how to go about it.

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    Read preview Overview. No Use: Nuclear Weapons and U. National Security By Thomas M.