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But in the New Testament we have learned, and we know from experience that God has become Man, that the fullness of the Godhead has abided and is still abiding forever in the flesh; and therefore God has a human name: Jesus, and He has got a human face that can be represented in icons. An icon is therefore a proclamation of our certainty that God has become man; and He has become man to achieve ultimate, tragic and glorious solidarity with us, to be one of us that we may be one of the children of God.

He has become man that we may become gods, as the Scripture tells us. And so, we could last week already rejoice; and this is why, a week before, when we were already preparing to meet this miracle, this wonder of the Incarnation, softly, in an almost inaudible way, the Church was singing the canon of Easter: Christ is risen from the dead!

And today we remember the name of Saint Gregory Palamas, one of the great Saints of Orthodoxy, who against heresy and doubt, proclaimed, from within the experience of the ascetics and of all believers, proclaimed that the grace of God is not a created Gift — it is God Himself, communicating Himself to us so that we are pervaded by His presence, that we gradually, if we only receive Him, open ourselves to Him, become transparent or at least translucent to His light, that we become incipiently and ever increasingly partakers of the Divine nature.

Miracles of the Lord - Sermons by Saint Gregory Palamas

This is not simply a promise; this is a certainty which we have because this has happened to thousands and thousands of those men and women whom we venerate as the Saints of God: they have become partakers of the Divine nature, they are to us a revelation and certainty of what we are called to be and become. And today one step more brings us into the joy, the glory of Easter. Let us then make ourselves ready to meet this event, the vision of the Cross, look at it, and see in it the sign of the Divine love, a new certainty of our possible salvation; and when the choir sings this time more loudly the canon of the Resurrection, let us realise that step by step God leads us into a victory which He has won, and which He wants to share with us.

And then we will move on; we will listen to the Saint who teaches us how to receive the grace which God is offering, how to become worthy of Him; and a step more — and we will see the victory of God in Saint Mary of Egypt and come to the threshold of Holy Week. Despite His perfection, He became, in His love, an example for the treatment of our sin. The methodology of spiritual therapy. Thus, we see all things with our eyes directed towards Heaven, to the end that we produce in our minds a kind of passionlessness passivity , accepting the good and the bad as though they were the same.

Gregory tells us, there resides the repository of the Holy Spirit. Our evil thoughts separate us from the heart and, likewise, from God. The light of the heart purifies the mind, in turn, and gives it the power to see the image of God within the receptacle of the heart, which is the well-spring of joy. It is for this reason that St. Gregory Palamas continually had on his lips the words, Illumine my darkness.

When a person controls his evil thoughts, he comes to see, in this effort, the influence of sin on his life; this knowledge, in turn, creates a sadness pentho s in the mind a certain kind of spiritual depression or melancholy , and the mind is purified by way of this sadness, too, since such repentant sadness naturally incites in man a desire for the contrasting joy of God; and thus, he turns his mind to the joy of Grace, which is the therapeutic Light of God.

In this way, in his mind, in the Mysteriological life of the Church, and in his heart, the human being is literally bombarded, because of the ineffable power of the love of God, by the Light of Christ. He comes to live, in his sadness and in his joy accepting both with passivity , a positive life that leads to deification, which is the restoration of communion with God, the cleansing of the image of God within him, the salvation of his soul, and the vision of uncreated Light, which, as I have said, fills both the mind and the soul.

And this first step towards the life in God leads us, by the Grace of God, to a state of joy that ultimately surpasses even the joy which the first-created ones knew before the Fall, as St. Symeon the New Theologian tells us. The consequences of the treatment of the spiritual illness of man.

When a person clears away the outer covering of sin from his mind, communing with God in his heart, he finds silent peace hesychi a in his life and for this reason the teachings of St.

On the Saints: Sermons by Saint Gregory Palamas

Gregory Palamas are called Hesychasm , the gifts of clairvoyance and working miracles, and all of the other gifts of the Holy Spirit. But above all, he acquires the ability to show love to everyone: to his friends, to his enemies, to animals, and even to the dust on which he walks. But the deification of a man also has consequences for his fellow man. Every man who is enlightened, that is, who is saved for St.

Sermons | St. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Church

Nicodemos the Hagiorite equates deification, the enlightenment of man, with the salvation of his soul , helps his fellow human beings, and even those the majority of Christians and other people, unfortunately, who will not come to union with God through a rebirth in Christ who are lost. Every man or woman who unites himself or herself to Christ enlightens the universe and extends the boundaries of God's love. The extension of God's love by the salvation of His elect is the comfort of the damned, since every man who accepts and acts within the love of God exalts the whole of humanity in general.

Again, I ask that you forgive my necessary oversimplification of the teachings of St. Gregory Palamas, many elements and essential elements of which I could not cite in my poor words. I am sure that I have sufficiently tired you with my clumsy presentation. I thank you for your patience, in that respect. Nonetheless, I hope that, with the blessing of our Metropolitan and Father, I have left you with something positive and useful in my words.

Those who would like to read more about the teachings of St. Gregory Palamas may find several of Archbishop Chrysostomos writings on this subject beneficial. Chapter 5, St. Gregory Palamas on the Hesychasts.

Chapter 7, St. Gregory Palamas and the Tradition of the Fathers. From Orthodox Tradition, Vol. XVII, No. See also this other sermon on St.

Gregory Palamas for Our Times. Advertise Contact About. Related search results Subscribe to Our Mailing List Would you like to be notified when new articles are posted, books are published, etc? First Name. Last Name. In Honor of St. Gregory Palamas Your Eminence, Metropolitan Cyprian, our beloved Father in Christ; Your Graces; Brothers and Sisters in Christ: At the request of our Metropolitan and Father, out of obedience, and asking the intercession of the Saint, the blessing of His Eminence, and your forgiveness for my shortcomings and the obvious lack of eloquence in my short homily, I would like to say a few simple words about the basic teachings of St.

Forgive me.

Mary the Mother of God: Sermons by St Gregory Palamas

Suggested Books Those who would like to read more about the teachings of St. The Life of the Virgin is especially remarkable for its representation of Mary's prominent involvement in her son's ministry and her leadership of the early Christian community. In particular, it reveals highly developed devotion to Mary's compassionate suffering at the Crucifixion, anticipating by several centuries an influential medieval style of devotion known as "affective piety" whose origins generally have been confined to the Western High Middle Ages.

Maximus is written in the same prayerful manner and is an excellent companion book to the life of the Holy Virgin written by the Holy Apostles Convent; especially since it appears that the Holy Apostles Convent did not have St. Maximus' account available to them.

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The most complete text on the life of the Mother of God from her Conception to her Dormition and bodily translation, including her role in the Church, treated within the framework of Sacred Scriptures, Holy Tradition, Patristics and other ancient writings, together with the Liturgical and Iconographic Traditions of the Holy Orthodox Church.

This hardbound text is well-illustrated with many icons, sketches, photos, and 4 maps. The page book has a gold-stamped burgundy hardcover, with acid-free pages. Hymns to the Virgin Mary. The voice of the Virgin Mary, heard rarely but powerfully in the Holy Scriptures, and the events of her life, as recorded in both biblical and apocryphal texts, eventually comprised the core of many church hymns.

Nikolai Velimirovich The Conception by St. Orthodox Church in America Midwest Diocese. Scroll down for special articles, hymnography, and suggested book titles Pochaev Icon of the Theotokos, Sept 8. Nativity of the Theotokos, Sept 8. Righteous Anna, Sept 9.