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May God bless you in your good work. Paul, Great saintcast! So glad you are back and all is well.

My prayers are with your family! Hi Dr Paul.

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I love it and look forward to new episodes. I am not sure if I heard wrong, but I think I understood you said that St. If so, they are not the same.

The 1st one is the one that started the Discalzed Reformation of the Carmelites and who did not mean to make a separate order but to renew it, the one with the book. You are so right, Olga. Thanks so much for the correction. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

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Sorry about your misfortune last year, it was right of you to put your family first…. After downloading a few episodes I was totally hooked.

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I am a Lettercarrier, and listening to your podcast has greatly improved my days. As I am playing catch up from your first podcast, I am listening to you 5 or 6 hours a day while I am out on route. I wish to thank you, and please keep up the fantastic work. You and your family are in my prayers. Thanks for the kind words, BStahr. God bless you for your work — I hope to get a new podcast up this week.

St Laurence & the Holy Grail

How are you doc? You are in my prayers.

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You did so much good to me with your podcasts and SQPN. Karl, Thanks so much for your kind words. The Saints are truly inspiring! Just posted a new one today.

Holy Chalice

Hope to continue with lots more. Thanks for listening. The story of the cup's vicissitudes is told in Janice Bennett's book St. The Vatican announced this week that after his return from Spain, the pope will head for Valle d'Aosta in northern Italy for 18 days of vacation, from July 11 to His regular Wednesday general audiences will be cancelled.

In light of what I wrote last week about "Salesian chic," it's worth pointing out that the two-story, wood and stone chalet where Benedict will reside was built in the s by the Salesians to host John Paul II.

Last year, the Salesians installed a piano in deference to Benedict's passion for the keyboard. While he's out of Rome, all private and special audiences remain suspended. The e-mail address for John L. Allen Jr. Send your thoughts and reactions to Letters to the Editor.

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Blog All Things Catholic. The Holy Chalice of Valencia. Jul 7, Join the Conversation Send your thoughts and reactions to Letters to the Editor. Enter your email address to receive free newsletters from NCR. Email address. Opening Amazon synod, Francis warns against being 'smothered by ashes' defending status quo Oct 6, Mustard seed Oct 5, Francis exhorts new cardinals to be 'loyal' to ministry of compassion, kindness Oct 5, Unsupervised accused priests teach, counsel, foster children Oct 5, Private sector seeks to profit by detaining migrant kids Oct 5, Women call for women's involvement in synod, church power structure Oct 4, Quick Reads On feast of St.