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The health of our relationships are like the branches of a tree, they reflect our ability to keep growing toward source, our light. If the roots have taken hold to fallow ground or weeds are blocking the space for nutrients to enrich us, we may have no fertile ground to grow us. Soul development requires a ruthless letting go of what is suffocating the expansion and evolution of our wholeness. People here often ask me why I would leave LA for London, and they usually are referring to the weather.

This month has been about digging into old patterns that sit in the unconscious that need awareness, attention, and a big old heap of love. This is old shit and not the first time I have dealt with it. I am leaning into another layer of clearing and metamorphosis. Getting grounded and getting mucky is spiritual. There is so much out there that says we need to be happy all the time, which creates addict energy because I need to smile or feel good. It cuts away and clears so we can see from a fresher perspective. It cultivates courage to grow us into the fullest expression of who we are.

This is Creativity. If you find yourself feeling charged, Let it stir you and arouse your senses, passion is part of the process.

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What sits in the flame of your heart that is asking for vision and activation? Break apart, break open, and ground in some new soil.

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WE are worth it! Old fear voices may whisper some BS about not being enough. Let them have their say, then call out what the truth is.

Creatrix Activation Mastermind with Laura J. Swan

Choose to write a new story, change the dialogue and get grounded in a new direction that will take you on a path of self discovery. Walking down the well-rutted roads of conditioning can keep us spinning in a circle that keeps us busy, but not in our being. Let this powerful time of disruption stir up what needs to shift and truly be the change you want to see in the world.

We are all being asked to see with new eyes. Perhaps we can envision a world life that creates delight rather than destruction if we ground into our true nature and return to the garden that grows us. Lastly, I want to share a sweet moment I had on the retreat. As I stepped into the yoga room to begin our evening class, A young lady who is dealing with her own challenges around health, school, and becoming a woman was sitting in the yoga room holding a block overhead with no coercion on my end.

She said she could now hold the block for two minutes and she felt how it was strengthening her body, and more importantly her mind to be present and ground into this simple act.

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  6. Her willingness to sit there without external stimulation and embrace the sensations that were arising without running away, disconnecting was inspiring. It was a pure, simple act of connection, union, Yoga. WE are all finding our way through this life, it is not a linear path, it will take us in so many different directions we never saw coming.

    May you take some time to ground in simplicity find delight in the beautiful, crazy, messy, perfect design of your life. February is the month we think of love, whether we like it or not. There are heart shaped boxes of candy, ads to remind us of the love or lack of love we have in life. We all want love and we are wired for it in every way. Why do we have a hard time finding it and keeping it at times?

    Our culture and conditioning is based in a lot of judgement. Judging ourselves, other people, looking for worth through comparison. If I put you down, I will feel better about me, or the flip I will see you as better than me and put myself down and beat myself up, energetically. Where is the love?

    How to activate your highest potential and feel inspired - Michael Beckwith

    Not on the see saw of comparison and judgement. If we are honest, we all can do it. We have to go beyond what we know and start leaning in and understanding what we feel. We all can get hurt along the way by other people and our own judgements, wishing them away, or thinking them away does not release and heal the root of the feeling.

    If we welcome all the feelings as messengers of fear that need our attention, we can let the channel of healing flow through us and release patterns of pain. Sometimes we have to experience who are not to remember who we truly are. For many of us love has some control intertwined into it. Why do I need to control you when I am hurt or confused? To feel good about myself when I am not feeling loving towards me. This is a great recipe for neediness and co-dependence. Love is inherently ours. I say this from a place of experience.

    I started on my journey of self exploration, psychology, and yoga to find my way back to me.

    Christina Szegedi -Living Artfully . Body-Mind & Soul Dance & Artistry | Love

    I still remember the first love of my life. It was sweet until my fears that had nothing to do with him got activated. I wanted him to love me the way I wanted him to, so I could make my pain go away. Welcome to a seesaw of hell. It was selfish and it was also what I needed to learn how to return to the center of my Self.

    Tri-Yoga Mentorship

    And what I found through this journey, is love. Not always shiny, sparkly love. Real, gritty, raw, and authentic love. Love of all the different parts of me that needed holding and understanding.

    Hello Courageous Creators,

    Wherever you find yourself on February 14th may you hold your Self and tender places with so much love. If it brings up feelings you like or not, can you love the process of leaning into the unknown. May the love you hold deeply for yourself transmit into all the relationships you keep. May you be gentle with yourself and remember we all struggle at times with love, it is the practice of owning our fears, and tending to our own gardens that love can flourish and blossom into a field of wild flowers. The holidays took me on some inner and outer adventures and I had to skip the December newsletter.

    I definitely felt the need to go inward for another layer of metamorphosis. I wanted to get clearer on where my power was being diminished, so that I could gather the force needed to welcome a more creative and authentic I felt the call to Begin Again with more self love. I am working on developing a deeper awareness of my old hurts so that I can resolve painful patterns. This is something I have been whittling away at for years, like a sculptor patiently discovering the masterpiece within.

    We are all off to a new start and a new year, and with it comes possibility and opportunity for some big shifts. What has shifted for you? Last year churned things up to the surface so that we could get more comfortable in chaos and the unknown. What a great way to practice the art of yoga! However, without structure we can lack the skills to put our work into action. So how do we find the balance as we move into a new year?

    This is where the difference between ritual and routine comes in. If we get stuck in routines without questioning our motivation, our fear voices may subconsciously be running the show. When that happens, our choices are diminished and we can feel stuck. When we welcome ritual structure and explore our actions with curiosity, we welcome expansion. This year is, perhaps, an opportunity to master some old patterns. A potent time in which we are being asked to welcome another unveiling of creative energy to support our work here on planet earth.